Bamboo Sheet Collection

Cozy Earth’s bamboo pillow cases use our exclusive premium bamboo fabric to raise the comfort level of any pillow with the same benefits of our premium bamboo sheet sets and comforters. Its superior softness, hypoallergenic benefits, and unparalleled breathability offers comfort for your head that combats overheating and excessive humidity as you rest.

Each bamboo pillow cover is carefully designed with double-stitch hemlines, delivering a timeless and elegant look that fits in nearly any bedroom.


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Sizing and Care Instructions

Dimensions for Pillow Cases:

Standard Pillow Case: 20” x 32” – (51cm x 81cm)
*Two pillow cases are included in every “Bamboo Pillow Case” purchase*

Natural White Color: Our viscose from bamboo fabric retains its “white” color longer than traditional fabrics. In pursuit of a healthier approach, Cozy Earth tries to avoid harmful dyes and unnecessary chemicals often associated with coloring.

Care Instructions:

Machine washable on cold. Mild cycle, mild detergent. No bleach needed.

To Naturally Freshen:

Hang dry in mild to moderate sunlight once every 3-5 months for 1-3 hours. Bamboo fibers naturally rejuvenate and refresh in sunlight. Cozy Earth’s bamboo pillow cases are naturally hypoallergenic, resistant to bacteria, and other harmful microbes, making them inherently more wonderful than your average bedding.

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Queen Sheet Set, Standard Pillowcases


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