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You’re A Cut Above; We Are Sew Into You!

Embroidered linen heart fabric from Harlequin’s “All About Me” kids collection.

We’ve satin silence for too long hemming and hawing over how we twill piqué your interest… 


We are hoping you’re a seer-sucker for a good yarn, because we have felt this way for a long time.

Please cut us some flax – we’re in stitches over here! Really – just dyeing! And have not run out of material yet…

Ok, that’s enough muslin around – we need to damask you a question: wool you be our valentine?

In all seriousness though, the holiday inspired designer Courtney Saulnier to pull out some of her favorite kids design books. We discovered some great whimsical choices such as this “Madam Butterfly” series of prints, embroidered sheers, and wallpaper from Scion’s “Guess Who” children’s collection. The appliqué birdhouse and flowers above and in the footer are from the same same line.
We have a whole section of our 10,000 sq ft decoration and design showrooms devoted to design for children. Courtney is an expert at picking playful prints for kids that they will enjoy for years to come. Call us at (860) 435-9397 to schedule an appointment to discuss your ideas to design or enliven a space for a kid in your life, or any other project you would like some expert input on!

Happy Valentines Day from all of us at Lakeville Interiors. ?


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